April 2018

The Salem Witch Trials- On the Hunt for Pagans

Since the start of Christianity, pagans have been scrutinized and hunted into silence. The most infamous period of witch hunts is the Salem Witch Trials in Salem, Ma. In the spring of 1692, Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams began having fits of  hysteria, contortions, and outburst of screaming. The ton

A Very Pagan Christmas

With Christmas being on of the most reverent  holidays in Christianity, it comes as a shock to many followers that Christmas Day has pagan origins.  Christians celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ on Dec. 25, but it was not always so. According to Judaism Online, Christians began celebrating on Dec.

All Hallow’s Eve: A Night with many Names

During medieval times, pagans were viewed as Satanists and witches by the Catholic church. As a way to combat this, the church began altering pagan holidays to fit their Catholic ones. Halloween is the Christian holiday with the most obvious pagan influence. Halloween, or All Hollow’s Eve, originated from the

What is paganism?

Kennesaw State student Luke Gardner felt himself pulling away from Christianity. He felt this intense itch he could never scratch, and a pull from the center of his chest. Gardner never quite felt comfortable in church, and never truly saw himself represented in scripture. He always believed in questioning authority,

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