December 2018

Mickie James: Mom, Wrestler, Wonder Woman

As seen in Hers Magazine. As a child, Mickie James and her father spent hours glued to the television watching their favorite wrestlers battle for the belt. James watched the eccentric characters dance before her eyes and knew that one day she wanted to be just like them. When James wasn’t bonding over

OPINION: Low-carb diets ineffective

As published on the Sentinel.  Even though healthy, dietary lifestyle changes have increased in popularity, the more unsustainable fad diets like low-carb diets still remain popular in our diet culture. Because of the severe restriction of carbohydrates, low-carb diets only result in temporary weight loss and can lead to dangerous

OPINION: ’13 Reasons Why’ Glamorizes Suicide

As published on the Sentinel.  In trying to start a conversation on suicide, the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” romanticized a subject that should never be taken lightly by failing to provide educational information on suicide prevention or present any suicide prevention resources to its viewers. The popular show —

A Conversation with Ed: Eating Disorders at Kennesaw State University

Kerri McCue never thought of herself as a perfectionist. She knew she was sick, but far from a perfectionist. However, McCue says, “Once you think you’re not a perfectionist, that’s when you realize that you are a perfectionist.”  When she was first diagnosed with an eating disorder at a young

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