Eating Disorders

A Conversation with Ed: Eating Disorders at Kennesaw State University

Kerri McCue never thought of herself as a perfectionist. She knew she was sick, but far from a perfectionist. However, McCue says, “Once you think you’re not a perfectionist, that’s when you realize that you are a perfectionist.”  When she was first diagnosed with an eating disorder at a young

Final Cut: A Conversation with Ed

Here is my final version of “A Conversation with Ed.” This was a story I have been wanting to tell for the past two years, since my sister was diagnosed with anorexia. I wanted to show her journey when she hit her worst and when she began recovery. Very few

A Visual Journey through Piedmont Park

Last weekend, my friend and I participated in the NEDA Walk 2018. The National Eating Disorder Association is a nonprofit dedicated to helping people through recovery and educating the public on the severity of eating disorders. The walk began in Piedmont Park near Park Tavern. Vendors from Aerie and several

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