Final Cut: A Conversation with Ed

Here is my final version of “A Conversation with Ed.” This was a story I have been wanting to tell for the past two years, since my sister was diagnosed with anorexia. I wanted to show her journey when she hit her worst and when she began recovery. Very few know much about eating disorders, so it’s vital for me to tell her story.

When I first drew my storyboard, I considered personifying the eating disorder as Ed. This is a technique psychologists use when treating many patients so it separates the eating disorder from the person. I wanted to make Ed this dark mysterious figure that befriends a high school girl, but I ultimately decided against it.

For my rough cut, I used Adobe Spark.  My rough cut was much short with less detail. At that point, I wasn’t sure how far into Bella’s story I should go.  I mainly included statistics and facts about eating disorders, rather than personal anecdotes.

For my final cut, I made sure to add more personal pictures and details about her battle. I’m ecstatic to final share her story like she wants.

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